A History of the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

By Stan Lapinski

PLEASE NOTE: This History is a work in progress. I will post chapters as I finish them and I will make changes to chapters which are already posted as I become aware of new information, or have errors pointed out to me. This version was completed on September 11, 2017. If you find errors or omissions, please CONTACT ME.


Preface: Thanks to Robert S. Hunter

1 1818 to 1879: Pre-CAAO rowing in Canada

2 1880 to 1902: The peripatetic years:

Part 1: The Founding of the Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen
Part 2: The First Regatta of the Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsmen
Part 3: 1881 to 1902

3 1903 to 1915: The early years at St. Catharines

4 1919 to 1930: Dark times

5 1931 to 1963: One mile, 550 yards straightaway

6 1964 to 1999: 2,000 metres

7 2000 to 2017: FISA standards


Image source: Geale-Rogers fonds. Trent University Archives.